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The simple act of bringing one's lips to close to the sweet contact of another, to which upon seals a promise.

A kiss should have meaning and not be given out unless it is meant with solemn clarity and truth.

To kiss the hand, a polite gesture of respect, and the intent to treat the recipient as such. The back of the hand to represent strength, and honor. The palm of the hand represents a treasure, to be carefully held and cherished.

To kiss the forehead, a sign of endearment, and the will to be unbreakably bound by friendship. Above the eyes to represent protection, and shelter.

To kiss the cheek is to hope for a blush, relaying admiration and interest, where you can see eye to eye and outward together, representing the vision of what is to come.

A kiss on the lips, the most important of all, should be a promise, where upon meeting the other person's eyes you will never betray or hurt the soul within that gaze. It is the the ultimate symbol of trust.

This is The Meaning Within A kiss to me.
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I have to admit that I've never given out my first kiss, but I was thinking about it lately, Just having some profound thoughts and this was what it boiled down to.
I've always thought that kisses are very important and were not for giving out like they meant nothing or were for simple pleasure. Anyways just a bit of food for thought from my mind.
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