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Tale Of Timpanogos UMAF BIS by Nova-Nocturne Tale Of Timpanogos UMAF BIS by Nova-Nocturne
EDIT: I am moving to a new account! Please visit and follow it at: NovaNocturne

5/3: AS of this day, having been sent into the UMAF (Utah Multimedia Arts Festival) this image was awarded Best In Show for 2D Graphics in the state competition.

3/17 edit: Changed the colors to make it look more like a sun rise.

Final Version of:

Holy chiz... 14 MB on just this little pic! (no really it was actually set to like 30 inches wide when I started it. I wanted it to be poster sized ya know?)

Anyways I spent to day finalizing this because I wanted it to be in my showcase file at school, but then we didn't end up HAVING the showcase because my teacher was too busy helping some people borrow and learn how to use the schools cameras, and all the students played Age of Empires cuz it was our game day for the end of semester (yay!)
Not sure if I'm totally pleased with the shading, but oh well.
This is part of the prologue where the old ringtail who is Nova's grandmother is telling the five kits (in order from left to right: Mika, Chaska, Nova, Kele (laying on the ground) and Elan) a somewhat altered story of Timpanogus. It is a native american love story between Ucanogus and Timpanic. For the rest you can google it, but its not the same exact story that I am using for the comic.

Bassarisk is not dead. VIVA!
I'm working on the script and might have a test animation out in a few days. Also I've been doing some concept sketches that might appear sometime.

Do you like?

DO NOT STEAL. Bassarisk is (C) to me.
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January 14, 2011
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